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     Here you’ll find all about my artwork, including samples of pieces I’ve been carving through the years.  All of my subjects are birds, with an occasional fish featured as their ‘dinner’. 

     Keep in mind that each piece is created from a combination of different

gemstones, all in their natural colors (so are their bases, even those designed to appear as wood.)     

     The pieces can be tailored to your specific requirements: stones used, bird type, size (some from 2”, others upwards of 20”), etc.


     Pricing starts in the low $200 range and increases with the size and complexity of each carving, up to several thousand dollars.  Please visit the gallery and other pages for more pictures and information.

     Also, feel free to call or email me with your questions or to discuss your requests - it’ll be my pleasure to create something unique just for you. 

     Thank you for your interest in my work!




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